inHealth History


Opening Day

January 26th 2017 at 6:00am inHealth was officially opened by EMTs Ron and Chrystal Donahue. The Valparaiso base was the first to open followed by the South Bend location on February 5th, Laporte operation on March 14, and Lake County operation on October 1st. 

inHealth hosted an open house and company blessing performed by Father Michael Hoffman from St. Paul's Church in Valparaiso Indiana. 


Meeting The Need During Our First Year

The community responded to inHealth with open arms. With this support and the support from the great men and women who joined inHealth, operations expanded and outreach began. Allowing us to connect, not only with our patients and healthcare facilities; but reaching out to the community as a whole.


Breaking Records & Giving Back To The Community

  • Guinness World Record Bead Project
  • Easter Bunny Breakfast Fundraisers
    • Over $25,000 For Salvation Army
  • 27 Ambulances | 32 Medcar Vehicles | 5 Chase Vehicles
  • Regional EMS Conference
  • Race To The Rescue Speedway Training
  • Regional Social Worker Conference
  • 2018 Winner Community Partnership award from the Indiana Department Of Homeland Security. 


inHealth National Response

We have a mutual aid agreement with FEMA  (Federal Emergency Management Agency)  to assist with disasters around the United States. Over the past few yeasrs. inHealth was place on "Deployment Standby" 5 times and deployed to three major hurricanes. 

  • Hurricane Irma (September 2017) 
  • Hurricane Florence (September 2018)
  • Hurricane Michael (October 2018)


inHealth Education Initiatives

To meet the growing need for EMTs in the region, inHealth created their own Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program. During the course, the students are able to do ride time with the inHealth medics to better understand what a career in EMS entails. 

inHealth also does certifications for the local medical communities. EMS, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Day Cares, and Schools

CPR| AED | First Aid | ACLS | PALS | Bloodborn Pathogens


inHealth Communications Center

With the expansion and rapid growth, came the need to bring the Communications Center in house, which opened in November of 2017. 

inHealth having a dedicated Communications team, ensures the best patient and facility experience possible. Patient care starts when the phone call is made. The inHealth team is trained in all aspects of EMS call processing and dispatch procedures.